Authors’ Love for Independent Bookstores

Authors’ Love for Independent Bookstores

Randy Ross

Authors love independent bookstores for some of the same reasons the rest of us do: you are hubs for community, your knowledgeable sales staff offer fantastic recommendations, and your physical spaces help us discover and celebrate the love of books. In our industry, bookstores offer even more—an opportunity to help others grow in Christ and share the gospel with others. The work is hard, but extremely gratifying.

These awesome Christian authors have spoken out about what bookstores mean to them:

A bookstore holds endless possibilities. Browsing a physical bookstore is the only real way to discover new books and new authors. Online searches can’t come close to the experience of seeing an intriguing cover and deciding to walk away with a new adventure.” ––Colleen Coble

I love books so bookstores are like a little piece of heaven for me! With the publishing and retail fields frequently changing, I’m especially grateful for Christian bookstores and the great books, products, and resources they carry. Whenever possible, I enjoy browsing in them and almost always find something that speaks to where I am in my relationship with God.” ––Dudley Delffs

Bookstores are magical places––stories of every shape and size are right there at your fingertips, ready to be explored!” ––Sarah Ladd

I know we live in a day where you can have a book delivered straight to your door overnight like we’re the Jetsons. But I still love a bookstore. I love to walk the aisles and look at all the various book covers. I love to see what the bookstore employees are recommending and what’s on the bestseller shelves. Reading has been a lifeline for me from as early as I can remember and spending time in a bookstore among all the words written by various people about an infinite amount of topics always feels a little bit like a warm return to a place I’ve dearly missed. It’s a little bit like coming home.” ––Melanie Shankle

For me, a trip to the bookstore is a silent escapade. My heart flutters at the unearthing of each new literary gem, and every page browsed is a chance encounter with a new friend.”  ––Cara Whitney

There’s nothing like stepping into a bookstore and realizing there are hundreds of worlds at your fingertips. Not one book at a time like you have to do on the internet. I love to stand with all those stories surrounding me, beckoning me to explore like a kid in mansion full of candy.  It’s a sensation unlike any other and it can only happen in a store. It’s like being home, you know? If you’re a lover of book you know exactly what I mean.” ––James Rubart

When I step into a bookstore, I’m transported to another world—actually, I’m transported into hundreds, even thousands. There’s nothing as harmonious, nothing as wondrous, as all of those worlds coming together to make ours more beautiful, one story at a time.” ––Lindsay Harrel

Book aisles are as dear to me as anything. They’re shelves lined with the most exquisite of art. In them is the pathway to be inspired. To be swept away, made new, and left craving more. The only thing comparable would be a library—except here, we get to take the stories home as a well-worn, much-loved, and permanent part of our family.” ––Kristy Cambron

Randy Ross - The Parable Group