Get It Local Today! Help Customers Shop Your Store, Not Online Competitors

Get It Local Today! Help Customers Shop Your Store, Not Online Competitors

Erik Ernstrom

We’re very enthusiastic about Get It Local Today!—the industry-wide program designed to drive customer traffic to Christian stores like yours. Publishers, marketing groups, and the industry trade association are working together to drive business for your benefit. This is a cooperative effort that costs you nothing—plus, you keep all proceeds from sales through your store.

CBA, The Covenant Group, and the people here at The Parable Group are making this work with endorsement from the Logos Group, Innovative/Signature Websites and Bookstore Manager. It’s a united effort to build traffic and much-needed sales to Christian stores.

“The goal of this program is to drive traffic and sales to Christian stores,” CBA President Curtis Riskey said. “You don’t have to be a CBA member to be listed on the store locator, you just have to be a Christian store.”

Here’s how Get It Local Today works:

  1. Customers who are already searching for a product on a vendor website or who click a link from a vendor marketing effort, choose our Get It Local Today buy link as their first option to purchase products.
  2. The link sends the customer to a product page on with a list of local Christian stores and shows which stores have the product in stock.
  3. The customer reserves the product with the store of their choice, and then visits the store to pick it up—where they are likely to discover additional products!

Better yet…dozens of the industry’s top Christian publishers have verbally committed to participating! All we need now is a critical mass of retailers to officially launch—and we are almost there. Will you consider enrolling too?

Sign up now at:

Signing up only takes a few minutes for retailers to approve their store listing information and posting inventory data via CROSS:SCAN, the industry’s data gathering and best-seller tool. Most all industry POS systems can automate the information-collection process.

As one retailer said, “It’s a no-brainer, win-win. Why not do it?”