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The Parable Group Certified As A Best Christian Workplace

Best Christian Workplaces - The Parable Group

The Best Christian Workplaces Institute (BCWI), a research-based organizational and human resources consulting firm, has announced that The Parable Group is Certified as a Best Christian Workplace for 2016.

The results of the BCWI survey ranked The Parable Group employees as having an exceptional level of staff engagement. BCWI describes staff engagement as the degree to which employees are emotionally and spiritually connected and committed to their organization and their role. The survey results also showed that 88 percent of the people working at The Parable Group rated The Parable Group as “an exceptional place to work” and 100 percent said “I am very satisfied with the opportunities I have to use my skills in my role.”

“We are truly honored by this distinction,” said Steve Potratz, President of The Parable Group.

“We have an exceptionally talented team and we aim to employ the best and brightest. As a company we try to place each individual in a position that best uses their talents and gifts. Our goal is to honor God in all we do—our employees excel in their jobs as they aim to help our partner stores, vendors and digital clients thrive.”

To achieve certification, organizations participate in BCWI’s employee engagement survey and meet predetermined standards of excellence. BCWI measures eight essential factors of a thriving, healthy culture: fantastic teams, life-giving work, outstanding talent, uplifting growth, rewarding compensation, inspirational leadership, sustainable strategy, and healthy communication. The Certified status reflects a “healthy-to-flourishing” culture, meeting predetermined standards of excellence for each of these eight factors.

Employees of The Parable Group answered questions measuring employee satisfaction in terms of organizational commitment, Christian witness, supervisory effectiveness, opportunities for personal growth and development, customer/supporter satisfaction, teamwork, communication, and fairness of pay and benefits. Additional open-ended questions provided an opportunity for managers to gain insight into what employees think and ways they might improve. Potratz added, “We are so thankful for the results of this survey while recognizing there are areas of improvement we will continue working on.”

Certified Best Christian Workplaces are global and represent all facets of ministries from churches, private schools, universities, parachurch missions, product and services, book publishers and radio stations.

The Parable In San Luis Obispo Is Relocating To Arroyo Grande

The Parable Christian Store 1980s

The Parable Christian Store in San Luis Obispo plans to relocate to Arroyo Grande in late January. Longtime owners Steve and Laurie Potratz are remodeling a new 2,600 square-foot location at 931 Rancho Parkway in the in the Five Cities Center near Trader Joe’s. Their new store location opens on Friday, January 22nd.

The couple cite rising rents in San Luis Obispo coupled with customer demand by South County residents as reasons for the move.

“We’ve had a successful business in SLO for over three decades. Our customers are loyal and passionate supporters of our retail ministry—sales have been strong. But sadly, we lost our lease and ran into a lack of affordable location options in SLO,” Steve Potratz said, adding that it will be bittersweet to leave SLO. “We are so thankful that God blessed us with a tremendous location in South County though—where we have a significant customer base. It’s an opportunity for us to better serve the Five Cities community and nearby churches while positioning ourselves for years to come. ”

The Potratz’ have owned the retail store since 1981. They purchased Jan’s Bible Bookstore, located on Higuera Street, from Jan Ulman after falling in love with the Central Coast while vacationing. They excitedly relocated their young family up from the LA area that year—a dream of theirs—and renamed the store The Parable.

The small business has been a stalwart in the community for 34 years—surviving despite the rise of big-box competition, online shopping and digital books.

“We’re humbled to have served the Central Coast community for so long. Our customers are the reason we’ve endured. We’re blessed to help them find the resources and gifts they need and show them God’s love when they come through the door,” said Laurie Potratz.

The Parable Christian Store will celebrate its move to Arroyo Grande with a huge moving sale in the current SLO store from now through January 18—including storewide savings of 20-50% off. The month-long sale aims to reduce inventory in books, Bibles, gifts, framed art, home décor, CDs and DVDs in preparation for the relocation.

The Parable closes at its current location at 8 p.m. Monday, January 18 to transition to the new location.

The new store will be open in Arroyo Grande from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays and from 12:20 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Sundays. Call (805) 543-6146 to learn more.

Lifewater International Honors The Parable Group And Their Partner Retailers

Lifewater and The Parable Group

Lifewater International, a non-profit Christian water development organization, honored The Parable Group and its family of retail partner stores on Tuesday, October 20, 2015 for their generosity in helping provide a water well in the Agali Region of Uganda.

“We are so thankful for The Parable Group and their partner stores for teaming up with us to help provide water, health and hope to vulnerable children and families living in rural Uganda,” said Justin Narducci, Chief Executive Officer at Lifewater. “The completion of the water source in April 2015 provides 280 people in Orunyamo with more than water – it gives them a new lease on life.”

The Parable Group has been in relationship with Lifewater International since 2007; and in 2014 they joined together in partnership with their retail partner stores nationwide to spread the word to Christian consumers about the world’s water and sanitation crisis. The Parable Group promoted Lifewater’s missional approach to water development via catalogs, emails, online and in stores. In addition, proceeds from an exclusive CD, All Creatures of Our God & King, created by Lucid Artists were sold in support of Lifewater.


Lifewater’s program in northern Uganda builds on strategies and momentum gained in over a decade of work in neighboring regions to provide better futures for people recovering from over 20 years of devastating civil war. Communities are rebuilding, but decades of war destroyed basic infrastructures, disrupted traditional farming practices and has led to a crippling cycle of dependence on foreign aid. The provision of ventilated, improved, pit latrines, a safe water source, and training on life-saving hygiene behaviors helps improve health, attendance in schools and dignity.

“Lifewater’s missional approach to water development combines the best in water access, sanitation, hygiene and community training while proclaiming God’s all-encompassing and redeeming love for the poor,” said Steve Potratz, President of The Parable Group. “Their long-term, self-sustaining work in northern Uganda will create a lasting impact. We couldn’t be more privileged to support them in this great work.”

# # #

Lifewater International is a non-profit Christian water development organization dedicated to effectively serving vulnerable children and families by partnering with underserved communities to overcome water poverty. With experience in more than 40 countries since 1977, Lifewater serves people of all faiths, focusing on contextually appropriate water sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) development. For more information, contact Christine Zurbach ( or visit Lifewater International is based in San Luis Obispo, CA

The Parable Group is a data-driven, results-oriented marketing agency that connects retailers, brands, products and services to faith-based consumers everywhere. The Parable Group has been measuring what motivates the Christian consumer for 30 years. They leverage their unique consumer data to drive measurable results for clients across various marketing platforms—from traditional print to next-gen digital technologies—for Christian retailers, publishers, ministries and non-profits. From acquisition to advocacy, The Parable Group fosters interactions and engagement that builds brands and drives customer loyalty. For more information, contact The Parable Group is based in San Luis Obispo, CA.

Make 2015 Your Best Christmas Season Ever!

2015 Christmas Season Success Stories

As Christian retailers, we have a unique agenda this Christmas season. We are blessed to guide, motivate, inspire, equip and encourage people to grow in their faith through the products we sell. As we approach the upcoming holidays, we have a special opportunity to live out our calling, and to be havens of Christ’s love offering meaningful gifts that can truly impact lives.

This year, there are 29 days between Black Friday and Christmas – that’s 3 more days than last year and every day counts! With the increased traffic and busyness of the Christmas season, we want to encourage you to prepare early.

Remembering the One we’re representing and the “reason for the season,” here are some tips and reminders for you as you prepare for a prosperous ministry and business season.

Choose a holiday theme

2-minOur 2015 Christmas theme is Good News of Great Joy for the retailers we serve. Whatever store décor theme you choose, go for it! Incorporate your theme in signage, promotions and messaging. Your over-the-top Christmas displays have a job to do: Put customers in a joyous mood to shop and spend. So, set your windows to sell. Play Christmas music. You may also want to holiday-ize your dress code to set a festive tone.


Plan your in-store events

We encourage you to host several major and minor events throughout November and December. Customers love the out-of-the-ordinary and special little “somethings” that stores offer during Christmas. They enjoy feeling as if the entire season is a celebration. Whether it’s “Hot Cider Saturday” every Saturday following Thanksgiving, carolers from various local churches entertaining customers once a week, a scavenger hunt youth-event around your store, an Operation Christmas Child Packing Party, or an invite-only VIP evening celebration of festivity, fun and shopping, customers love to be a part of stores that celebrate Christmas. Make your store a place where there’s always something coming up that’s special, fun, and exciting.

Perfect your local presence & watch your reviews

Customers went mobile-mad last year, using their smartphones like never before to research products, compare prices and find stores. Make sure your store is listed on local search directories like,, Google+ (etc.) and that your business listings are updated and optimized with things customers want to know – like driving directions, store hours and a phone number.

When customers find you on a search site, they might also see customer ratings of your store. If you’ve got two stars while your competitor has four, you might lose some business. Pay special attention to online reviews of your store this time of year and encourage your customers to post a review! If any negative feedback has driven your ratings down, deal with it now so your score rises before the Christmas shopping season starts in earnest. If you need help navigating or managing your online presence, contact Jeff Bruenning at or by phone at 805-543-2644.

Train continuously

Commit to constant training and partner each new hire with a seasoned sales associate who can mentor them throughout the holiday season. Remember, training is not something you do once in a while – it’s a constant part of a retail store. Be sure to keep your most experienced staff scheduled on the sales floor, and delegate the more routine tasks and maintenance to seasonal temporary employees. This is the time when quality customer engagement will bring the most benefit to your customer and your business. Hold regular meetings with all your sales associates and be sure your systems, values, goals and expectations are clear to all.


 In the calm before the storm


  • Repair, repaint and replace and finish everything on your store’s to-do list now. You want everything crossed off your list soon. You don’t need the hassle of fixing a leaky sink in the women’s restroom one week before Christmas.


  • Take a physical inventoryof your store supplies. Review items that would be an absolute disaster if you were to run out on a busy Saturday, such as bags and gift cards, register tape, cleaning supplies, toilet paper and back-room supplies. Delegate the responsibility to a sales associate to refresh and replenish these regularly throughout the season.


  • Create yourtop 10 lists of not-to-be-missed Christmas gifts available from your store. Make your lists by product category, age, gender – whatever will help your customers the most while they shop. Your lists also help sales associates make smart gift recommendations. Make sure to have plenty of copies on hand and place them throughout your store. Feature your lists on your social media, in your store newsletter and on bag-stuffers. The goal is to make it easy for your customers to buy the perfect gift this year!


  • Monitor inventory closely through Q4. Begin mid-November to run work-orders and to-be-ordered lists daily. Do whatever it takes to avoid stockouts on promoted and best-selling stock. And, short discounts may be in order to help move lines that are not selling as you planned. Marking down holiday items to 25% off before Christmas is better than having to discount them to 50% after Christmas.


  • Be prepared well before December 26with a plan to clear leftover holiday products. Decide now what products are candidates to be marked down, how much they will be discounted and how they will be displayed on the sales floor. Create the necessary signage now.


  • Develop a plan to staff for high-traffic times. Staffing for traffic is important all year, but critical at Christmas time – especially during the golden window between noon and 4pm. People like to shop on their lunch hours and before the kids get home from school – the very time your staff is enjoying their lunch break. You’ll want to develop a solution for this problem.


  • Prepare Your Backroom. As more products are stored in the back room, it can be a challenge to keep on top of them! Try using a laminated floor plan noting where product lines and categories are stored – use a wipe pen so the plan can be easily updated as backroom inventory changes throughout the Christmas season. Use a white board or chalk board in the backroom to post important updates, highlight new products, and note key products that are out of stock along with the expected back-in-stock date. Also, note the daily sales goals, special offers and promotions as well as significant staffing or schedule changes.



Set your sales floor to encourage Christmas sales

Make a list of these key areas and check them daily:


  • Clear the Decompression Zone. Customers will miss anything you place in the first 5-10 feet just inside your store’s front door, so leave it empty. Instead, be sure customers can get an overall orientation to your whole store from this space. This is where their “first impression” is formed. Just beyond the Decompression Zone is where the shopping begins.


  • Load Speed Bump Displays with irresistible products front and center, just beyond your Decompression Zone. These display tables stop busy shoppers in their tracks and redirect their focus to your merchandise. Each display table should feature one product or a limited range of related merchandise – but plenty of it! Keep them full and change your Speed Bump Displays at least once a week.


  • Keep shoppers hands-free. Research shows that customers who shop with a cart or a basket spend 25% more and stay up to 15 minutes longer in the store. Place your baskets just past the Decompression Zone and throughout the store. Keep an eye open for customers carrying product and get them a basket ASAP. People tend to stop shopping when hands are full.


  • Stock national bestsellers. Bestsellers are always more critical during busy seasons – make sure you never run out! You’ll also want to stock all the titles of bestselling authors, even though the older ones might not be performing well for you. Keep at least one on-hand during the holidays. Go beyond your POS data. Check industry bestseller reports such as CROSS:Scan powered by Parable bestseller lists for current data. Bring in products that are selling well elsewhere, but were maybe skipped over by your store.


  • Set up signage. Merchandising kits are very effective in guiding, inspiring and encouraging people. The right sign can motivate and change behavior. Use in-store signage to encourage your customers to “shop local.” Or set up signage to help customers easily find Bible journaling supplies – the latest buzzed about trend. We all want to get involved where God is working in changing lives. The right sign can help us accomplish our mission. The graphic design of your signage should be consistent with your holiday theme and your mailed and digital promotions. Your in-store merchandising ties it all together.


  • Stock impulse products at the cash wrap. Your cash wrap should display a select few key impulse products customers just can’t pass up. Keep it uncluttered and reset it often. Focus on key items to up-sell to customers each week, such as a Christmas CD at a great sale price. Set a striking display of gifts on the wall behind your cash wrap so customers never stop thinking about your merchandise. Also, place displays of cool product within reach of the cash wrap, so customers can continue to shop while they wait in line to pay for their purchases. You might even pre-wrap some of them – you know, for the guy-shoppers.


  • Encourage gift card sales. Studies show that 80% of customers spend more than the face value of a gift card, and 40% of customers spend more than twice the face value of a gift card! Be sure they’re available in several locations around your store this Christmas! Try to have a gift card display for every 1000 square feet of shopping space. And remember – a gift card stuffed in an envelope doesn’t look like much, but a gift card that’s placed in tissue paper and wrapped in a pretty gift box or a hand-quilted pouch is something special. Your gift card packaging builds a perception about your store in the customer’s mind when she opens it. Don’t skip this step and miss the payoff.


Reach out to customers. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

What could be more important for your business this Christmas than getting customers in your door and compelling them to buy life-changing products? Review your marketing strategy from last year. What worked and what didn’t? Determine what you should do more of and less of this year. The goal is to get repeat visits from your customers throughout the Christmas season.


  • Solidify print promotions. Catalogs along with a successful direct-mail strategy, are an essential component in a cohesive, multi-faceted marketing strategy. Catalogs present your store to your customer, increasing your visibility and bringing what you offer to the forefront of your customers’ minds. In short, catalogs are the foundation of a successful promotion strategy and drive customers to your store. Plus, shoppers who have received a catalog are likely to spend more than those who didn’t.


  • Increase your number of email blasts. Customers expect extra offers during the holidays. And remember, not every email has to include a deal. Offer gift suggestions, a shopping guide, holiday décor ideas, a recipe from a cookbook you carry and more. We also encourage you to send targeted emails to segmented customer lists which you can pull from your POS.


We’ve loaded SnapRetail with tons of Christmas-themed, ready-to-send emails and email templates created specifically for Christian retailers. Be sure to take advantage of the Planning Calendar in SnapRetail. It allows you to set up your entire season’s digital marketing program well in advance of your busiest days. Need that extra holiday help? This will do it for you. Contact Kristel Regusci at or by phone at 805-543-2644 to hear more.


  • Work your social media. Social networking builds word of mouth which brings new customers to your store. Give it some extra oomph this Christmas season.


  • Relationship: Use a personal, human voice when communicating viasocial media. Research shows that levels of trust, commitment, and satisfaction from friends and followers appear to be positively affected by the use of the human voice. Use names and images of your staff, too.


  • Urgency: Post photos and videos to represent your store and to stand out on a busy newsfeed. Communicate that there’s a limited time or quantity of products to compel a consumer to act.


  • Exclusivity: Offer coupons and inside deals that are only available through your social media. If someone is not a friend or follower they miss out. Encourage customers to join your social media, email blasts and newsletters.


  • Reciprocation: Offer incentives for customers to perform a desired action.
    • Wear a Christmas sweater to get 15% off
    • Sing a Christmas carol to get 15% off
    • Buy 3, get 1 free
    • Spend $50, receive a free gift


  • Social Proof: Customers often seek out decisions and opinions of others when considering a purchase. So, help them out by sharing helpful info.
    • Here’s our most popular
    • Staff favorites
    • See what’s trending
    • Customer reviewed


  • Place radio ads, Facebook ads or online display ads. Advertising on the radio is a good way to reach potential new consumers and a ready audience. After all, people listen to radio in the mornings, at lunch, during work and in their cars to and from work.


With economical Facebook ads and online display advertising, you have the ability to reach people wherever they are – ads appear on web, tablet and mobile devices. You can target your desired local market and even target Christians specifically with the right ad-serving partner. If you are interested in hearing more, contact Laura Clark at or by phone at 805-543-2644 ext. 531.


  • Reach out to local press. Send news and information about your store and Christmas events to newspapers and other local media via press releases. Identify the person who edits the newspaper’s calendar section, and make sure to send announcements about your store events at least three weeks in advance. Press releases aren’t limited to news. Think of ways to tie your business into local or national events or causes (ex. Shop Small Business Saturday, Operation Christmas Child, Pastor Appreciation, National Bible Week).


When Christmas is over make note of what worked and what did not, and what you wish you would have done differently. Your notes will be important when it’s time to plan Christmas 2016.

May the Lord lead us this Christmas season. May He lead us to recommit our stores to His purpose. Let’s serve Him by serving His people and to pray for a bright and exciting future for all in Christian retail. To God be the glory.

We are all praying for your success. If you get stuck for ideas, give us a call. We’re always happy to help!


Merry Christmas!


The Parable Group And Lucid Artist Management Reach Sales Milestone Through Christian Retail

O Come Emmanuel - Christmas CD 2015

Days after celebrating the release of their latest CD, O Come Emmanuel, The Parable Group and Lucid Artist Management have scored another major collaboration milestone. Sales of their exclusive CDs through The Parable Group partner stores have all been #1 chart-topping records – collectively spending 200 weeks atop The Parable Group music bestsellers list.

Lucid Artist Management has created a number of exclusive music releases in conjunction with The Parable Group, dating back to 2010; including Dove-nominated albums All Things Bright and Beautiful, All Creatures of our God and King and All is Calm All is Bright. All is Calm All is Bright is up for “Christmas Album of the Year” at the 46th Annual GMA Dove Awards this October alongside notable nominees Michael W. Smith, Guy Penrod and others.

The newest release O Come Emmanuel, produced by Andrew Greer, blends symphonic-styled instrumental carol arrangements with modern choral anthems. Past exclusive CD releases boast an impressive artist roster, including the likes of Ginny Owens, Jaci Velasquez, Sandi Patty, Fernando Ortega, Cindy Morgan, Nic Gonzales (of Salvador), Geoff Moore, Montell Jordan, Melinda Doolittle and other Christian music heavyweights. The bestselling album to date is Share the Wonder, an acoustic collection of Christmas favorites featuring piano, violin, guitar and hammered dulcimer.

Greg Lucid, President of Lucid Artist Management commented, “I am a big believer in Christian retailers and support their efforts to equip their communities with Christ-centered products that encourage, uplift and educate. This has been a rewarding partnership and I am humbled by the reach and impact of our music projects.”

Steve Potratz, President of The Parable Group, added: “Lucid Artist Management has curated exclusive music for our retail partners with tremendous success. It shows that despite the uptick
of digital downloads and popularity of streaming channels, physical CDs continue to be an important component of our customer’s Christian retail experience.”