June 2019

And the winner is…

We are very proud to announce the winner of our Parable Gives Back Refresh | Restore makeover giveaway!  

Congratulations to Kevin Ferguson of Willamette Valley Christian Supply in Corvallis, Oregon. 

Willamette Valley Christian Supply will receive free store design and merchandising services, valued up to $10,000 in material and services for enhancements, and on-site assistance to finalize the project during the summer of 2019. 

In his application, Kevin Ferguson wrote: We exist to connect individuals and churches with the resources they need to grow in Christ. Four principles are applied daily: People over product; Mission over money; Neighbors over numbers; Get to know our gueststheir names and their personal stories. 

We were overwhelmed by the tremendous group of entries—there are many deserving stores. Here are some of the awesome comments from just a dozen of the numerous applications we received: 

“We have served our home county for nearly two decades, listening to those who are hurting, speaking encouragement, praying for needs, and many days giving away more than we sold. We would just love to see our community blessed with a refurbishment of their source for Christian products.”  

“We are at a pivotal point. Our business is right on the precipice of becoming the regional hub for all those who want to shop at a “brick and mortar” store. We are ready, willing and able to make great strides forward to help people grow in Christ. We have the heart, soul, stability, name recognition and willingness to give it our all. Yet, some help right now could make all the difference in us having the right flow, right signage, the right atmosphere, and the right color-coordinated themes. We are truly excited about being able to make a statement about the importance of helping people find answers to life’s most perplexing problems with Biblical solutions.”  

“I am dedicated to this industry and have unwavering loyalty to our community to stay here. Our store isn’t grasping at straws to stay afloat, we are looking for avenues to increase our reach…and improving our interior would be a huge benefit to all the people we are currently serving, and hopefully, the new clients that we draw in. Thank you for having a vision for stores that are making a difference!”  

“It is our mission to share the hope and restoration of Jesus through the products we offer. We hope to be here for a long time, offering a peaceful place for people to gather and find life-giving products that bring them to Jesus and helps them grow in him.”  

“In addition to serving our congregation, in the wake of chain store closures, other people are discovering our store and traveling long distances to view and hold product and receive caring service. We would like to see that continue and even expand.”  

“We followed God’s leading to get into the industry in 2004 and He has continued to guide our steps. We will continue in it as long as He leads us to. We want to be a light in our community, a place that people want to come for not only product but support and prayer.”   

“We continue to work hard to create a shopping experience for our customers through the way we work our displays throughout the store. We have customers who shop our store daily, weekly, and monthly – so we work to keep fresh product and to keep our displays moved around. We continue to work to provide our community with product that helps them and their family in their Christian walk…”  

“I believe that a little bit of work could go a long way to making our store even better. I think there could be a great impact made without a huge budget. We are constantly coming up with ideas and dreams of what would be fun to change, but we don’t always have the dollars to do it. It would be great to have an “expert” opinion and just a push in the right direction.”  

“We enjoy a great reputation with our customers and have every reason to expect to stay in business for a long time. We can serve our customers better if they are able to see all our offerings well-displayed. I am committed to learning more and adapting to all recommendations to give a great customer experience.”  

“We have been in business for over 30 years and need a fresh look as well as updating our space. Our colors are outdated and the carpet is worn out. We’d love to offer a fresh look as we move forward to the next 30 years of business.”  

“We are showing great sales of Bibles, and Book sales are up, these areas are fresh whereas our Children’s area is just not right and we believe that to reach the younger generation we need to do a better job merchandising and stocking in our children’s area. This will help us in our social marketing and in additional sales from grandparents looking to introduce and encourage their grandkids in the faith. We need help visualizing what that space can look like and putting it together and coupling it with a marketing plan.”  

“I’m currently in the process of purchasing the store from the current owner and would love to start off the new ownership with some updates to signal to the community that things are changing, for the better.”  

Stay tuned for updates about the Willamette Valley Christian Supply Refresh | Restore makeover later this summer! 


Jeff Bruenning - The Parable Group

Jeff Bruenning