August 2015

The Parable Group Lands Key Partnership

Inspire Hub and The Parable Group

The Parable Group has announced an exclusive partnership with InspireHUB Inc., the first company to combine best-practices engagement training with a proprietary engagement mobile and tablet app platform for churches and non-profits. The long-term marketing deal enables InspireHUB to fully leverage The Parable Group’s strength in digital marketing, advanced market knowledge, trusted expertise, and delivery in the digital space to reach churches and Christian non-profits across the US.

“Churches know that embracing technology is something that can strengthen their engagement and communications with their members. Yet, many have struggled to successfully keep up due in part to costs and lack of training. We are honored to connect churches and non-profits with InspireHUB’s affordable and effective app and training system to improve their relationships, enhance their discipleship and increase their fundraising,” said Steve Potratz, CEO of The Parable Group.

The InspireHUB Mobile Engagement Platform incorporates a simple system specifically designed for non-techy organizations and is based on human-behavior research and proven engagement best-practices. The enterprise-grade platform drives the most powerful method ever for mission-based engagement and is a one stop shop for churches and organizations looking to be equipped with the latest engagement best-practices and understanding on how to leverage those techniques through mobile apps. InspireHUB aims to resolve issues for churches and worthy causes by providing real world insights that educates leadership so they can make knowledgeable decisions. Current users include Mandela Kids, The Special Olympics as well as churches and non-profits in the US, Canada and Australia.

“We are excited to be teaming with The Parable Group for marketing, consultation and lead generation initiatives,” said Donald Clark, CEO of InspireHUB, Inc. “We’ve built a cutting edge, 21st century technology to facilitate a 2000 year-old mission uniting over 2 billion people worldwide—and we’ve found like-minded innovators at The Parable Group.”